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Excellence in Real Estate, Specialize in First Time Home Buyers and Finance

Understand the process.

Buying real estate is a complex matter and can be especially confusing for the first-time homebuyer. Do yourself a favor and learn as much about the process as you can before you begin. There are plenty of resources on the Internet, and most real estate offices will have pamphlets to explain things in plain language. You may also be able to research the real estate process by attending community-sponsored classes, or you can take a look at books like Home Buying For Dummies by Eric Tyson and Ray Brown, (IDG Books Worldwide, Inc.)


As a buyer, it usually costs nothing to hire a real estate professional to help you find and purchase a home--your Realtor will likely get a portion of the commission the seller pays to his Realtor. When choosing an agent, get referrals from friends, relatives, and co-workers, and then interview as many agents as possible. Pick an agent that works in the neighborhoods you're interested in. Listen to your agent, but make your own decision.

Know your Numbers $$$

As a Client, we take the time to Pre-qualify and Pre-approve a Mortgage suitable to your needs, we do this up front. This is very important, for several reasons, we need to know at what level you can be mortgaged and you need to know as well, what are the dollars required to purchase and what are the monthly mortgage payments you will be committing to.  As a company policy I do not let any offers proceed without the Buyers having a GFE ( good faith estimate on closing costs)  and Monthly Mortgage payment Estimate